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the decorette building


Originally built in 1911, the Decorette Building has seen just about every boom and bust that has ever come to Foster Road in Southeast Portland. Now, with the arrival of a new owner and tenant, the old two-story commercial building is getting a much-deserved update to match the recently completed street improvements just outside its doors. The triangular-shaped lot comes to a knife-edge at the street intersection, a focal point that had been a dumpster area for more than 30 years. Now, that same moment will be opened up and revered with new windows and an outdoor seating area for a future cafe tenant. The old steel-barred mid-block entrance will also be removed to make way for a recessed and vastly more inviting storefront with floor-to-ceiling glass and accessible entrances. Inside, the building is being completely renovated with shared amenities, new fixtures and lighting. 

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