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ivy townhomes


Seven townhouses built on an underutilized lot in Northeast Portland. This two-story building now acts as the previously missing transition piece between the high-energy commercial district to the west and the calm, quieter single-family residences to the east. Finding its place, nestled between a contemporary five-story mixed-use building and a 1900 Victorian home, the townhouses fuse together to make a single, reductive form with a more modest modern aesthetic than its immediately adjacent neighbors. Clad in tight-knot cedar, with striations of glass and dark metal panel, the exterior was designed to emphasize the verticality of the natural environs while its simplified shape creates a more reserved and humble street presence. With both the northwest climate and urban light quality in mind, an eaveless metal roofing system was devised to allow more natural light to funnel into each unit while simultaneously protecting its inhabitants from the persistent rains of Oregon winters. 

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