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north road


Nestled into a southwest-facing slope of the Tualatin Mountains rests a classic diamond in the rough, a 1976 split-level house; already an American icon, but a homogenized and worn down replica of the Mid-century Modernists who pioneered it. The irregularly shaped property surrounding the house hugged the natural topography, wrapping a grassy meadow in a heavily wooded embrace. The existing house’s bones were solid, and its placement within the setting was near perfect, albeit oriented in a manner that exposed it to the worst aspects of the otherwise mild local climate. The new owners wanted more space than what was offered, which lead to the desire to add a second story; and the original fixtures and finishes had not aged as well as they were intended to, requiring a complete update. With an unwavering sense of environmental stewardship, the new occupants wanted to retain as much of the original construction as possible while simultaneously crafting the home that they had always wanted. An intention thus was formed, out of practicality and respect, to create a contemporary northwest home.


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