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rosemont hill


Located on a forested hillside overlooking the Tualatin River Valley was a diamond in the rough; a 1970's two-story ranch house on a large parcel of mostly undeveloped land. The home was recently purchased by a new family who wanted to give their new living space an updated look with a more contemporary feel. The first desire was to open up the house as much as possible, eliminating unnecessary walls where it was feasible. Where structure was needed, walls were replaced with a series of load-bearing slats that doubled as guardrails for the stairs and mounting points for custom furniture. The kitchen was fully renovated with modern appliances and finishes, and the fireplace hearth, mantle and surround was rebuilt with local basalt and walnut cabinetry. The foyer was redesigned with additional walnut casework, and the master suite was added onto, expanding the master bath and closet into a more contemporary layout with upgraded fixtures and amenities.

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