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Nestled into an existing Portland neighborhood, this proposed quarter block redevelopment looks to replace some of the recently lost affordable housing in the area with high-quality, low cost apartments. Focusing on two and three-bedroom units, this new eight-story building will provide living space for up to 72 families. The project will be built using the mass timber construction technology, with mass-plywood panels sourced from a regional manufacturer. 

This site offers a unique opportunity for large-scale development along the freeway edge, and is within close proximity to the Killingsworth lightrail station and Portland Community College. The new building  will have two street frontages each having distinctive character; the North being a typical residential street with a mix of building types, while the East faces a sound wall and the I-5 trench. The ground floor is oriented to match the two street conditions with the main entrance, common areas and office facing N Jessup, whereas utilities, the loading dock and bicycle parking will be located along N Minnesota.


The building is being designed as a Type IV C mass timber structure utilizing mass plywood panels (MPP). The project will also be built using modular construction, minimizing neighborhood impacts by decreasing on-site disruption. 

The project team is dedicated to the creation of new, permanent affordable housing units that are close to existing high-capacity transit and other urban amenities. The project is receiving OHCS LIFT Rental NOFA funding (2020 LIFT Rental NOFA Winner), 4% Low-Income Tax Credits, Metro Transit Oriented Development Grant, and Oregon Multifamily Energy Program funding.

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