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modern domestic


Modern Domestic was looking for a bigger, more flexible space to support their fabric and sewing business without having to leave the neighborhood where their operation originated. MD found exactly what they were looking for size-wise just a few blocks down NE Alberta Street, but the long-neglected commercial building in question needed a complete overhaul in order to fulfill their programmatic needs. This comprehensive remodel allowed them to not only have complete control over their street presence, but also allowed MD to fully express their colorful, creative side with their own custom finishes and personalized interiors. The renovation also greatly increased the amount of natural light that flows into the open floor plan by cutting a new north-facing roof monitor into the existing ceiling and by adding a new floor-to-ceiling glass storefront to the Alberta-facing side of the building. In addition to the public space upgrades, the remodel also included a full rebuild of the existing offices at the back of the building for the staff, and it also added a new storage mezzanine above a retrofitted repair shop and work station. 


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