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loft ADU


This sustainable design 2nd story 350 SQ. FT apartment uses reclaimed timbers, floor joists, and roof rafters.  The bathtub enclosure and flooring are re-claimed 1x4 fir.  The light fixtures are salvaged from industrial buildings and repainted metallic silver.  Energy Efficient, sprayed in place foam is used in the entire envelope creating an R Value higher than Code Requirements.  The curved ceiling construction is a solution taking advantage of a need to correct missed blocking between roof rafters and creating a gradual, organic transition between wall and cathedral ceiling.  3/8 plywood was nailed to radius blocks, and then sheathed with 2 layers of ¼” gypsum board.  Jacob Flory provided the grace, and sophistication needed to apply the mud in all the radii, and angled conditions.  The Sun Porch is south facing, creating a climatic transition zone at the entry as well as taking advantage of Portland Oregon’s temperate climate.


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